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Lead Finder Jack
Lead Finder Jack is the premier software solution for offline marketers that are serious about landing clients and growing their businesses. With the power of Lead Finder Jack, you are able to instantly generate a flood of leads that are actively spending money on advertising - And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We've designed Lead Finder Jack with the sole intent of making your prospecting & client-landing process infinitely easier and more effective than ever before.

  • Local Biz Search
  • HA Search
  • USA Search
  • Google Search
  • Manta Search
  • Most main business directories
  • Create a campaign from a niche
  • Detect mobile sites
  • Detect reviews
  • Detect social media presence
  • Email templates with personalized tokens
  • Email tracking, unsubscribe
  • And much more...

For more information go to the Lead Finder Jack site.
Apollo Stock Manager
Apollo Stock Manager is a comprehensive application to manage all aspects of your stocks:

  • Price data for thousands of stocks
  • Intraday prices
  • Portfolio management
  • Extensive Technical Analysis
  • Alert mechanisms when to trade
  • And much more...

For more information go to the Apollo Stock Manager site.
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